vendredi 23 septembre 2011

Update Imaginaerum par Marco

Marco a écrit un nouvel update au sujet d'Imaginaerum. (Traduction à venir)
"Very good evening from Montreal Canada!

 As a band we've had some extremely long and sweaty days here. Early wakeups and late evenings have defined our lives so far. I'm happy to say that all the band shots are in the wrap.

This has also been fun, enlightening and one of the most interesting experiences ever. At least to me personally, but I have a hunch the rest of us feel pretty much the same.

We're going to continue for a couple of days here shooting stills for the album and the media. After that the long flights to home await us.

We have to give really big thanks to the absolutely great, friendly and professional crew, actors, extras and everybody here! They've helped us through these new and weird days with a lots of laughs and advice. See you at the premiere, front row or where ever anytime we have a chance.

Thank you!


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