mardi 27 septembre 2011

Update de Stobe Harju sur le film

Stobe Harju a écrit un nouvel update concernant le film Imaginaerum. Je suis d'avance désolée pour l'absence des traductions ces derniers temps. J'espère régler cela au plus vite ;)

"Dear friends of Nightwish and Imaginaerum.

Two weeks have passed since the first day of shooting. It has been a triumph so far. Even as the band sat down to look at some raw pre edited scenes, their faces couldn't lie. They were very happy with what they saw.

Many of you must be dying for information and images from the set. We can't pour all that out since we really believe that some of the reveals would spoil the show. However, if you've read the previous update you know some of the character names already, which of at least Tom and Ann sound familiar to a many. And they should sound familiar.

As I started to write Imaginaerum screenplay, I planted one single parameter above everything else: This is a Nightwish film, no matter how fictional story about the band it would be. I didn't just wanted to use the band's name but also, to come up with character names resembling Nightwish members' names.  The band in Imaginaerum became Ann, Tom, Marcus, Emil and Jack. I know, not very clever when it comes to molding names. Yet, I wanted the audience to feel the presence of Nightwish and to me the convergence had to be clear. I had endless battles trying to convince people that using names similar to Anette, Tuomas, Marco, Emppu and Jukka was a perfect bridge between Nightwish in reality and Nightwish in a fantasy world. The band didn't agree with me originally. It became my decision and my responsibility I am proud of. That said, if someone ever thinks this might be an ego thing for the band, think again. It's my decision completely, and that's how I intend to keep it.

These first two weeks have been a blast. So many great  people have bled together with us pouring their fantastic creativity into the project. We have a fantastic art director and her team. Our director of photography couldn't be more dedicated to his line of work or his visuality. Our make-up and wardrobe departments have made magic in a short period of time. And the cast... wow! The whole crew is filled with professionals I could've only dreamt of when starting the project. And, our producers are the kind who really understand the drama, art and the story while keeping our budget safe and sound. I must be the luckiest director in the world. What more can I say.

What strikes me the most, is the fact that this project is not only titled as "the trip to one's imagination", but it is exactly that on every aspect of the game with all the beloved people involved.

Yours truly.
Stobe Harju, The Director - Imaginaerum

PS: "Wandering after far off music through a desert of ashes. If the tune had a color, it would be a mixture of pink and red. Constantly afraid of it fading away, terrified of the silence that may come.""

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