dimanche 18 janvier 2015

Première review de l'album

Je vous invite à lire la review de Kaaoszine en anglais ci-dessous, dont proviennent les informations de mon prochain article, en français. Le magazine a octroyé une note de 9,5/10 à l'album (après une seule écoute).
  • Shudder Before The Beautiful
"No long intro that I expected, instead the action starts right away. A high tempo song combined with Jansen's calmly long vocals that we'll also hear a lot later on the album. Immediately you can tell that her voice fits almost perfectly to the whole entity, because you can hear some familiar things right away. However, already on this first song Floor shows her personal abilities and brings something completely new to the table. The song varies from upbeat to dark, where the upbeat mostly comes from Floor's high pitched vocals and melodies. The solo part with almost Children of Bodom-like combination and dialog of synth and guitar should also not be forgotten. This song underlines what Ms. Jansen said before the pre-listening: There is a lot of stuff. A good basis for things to come, but there is a question in the air - what is this story truly about?"
  • Weak Fantasy
"The symphonic and theatrical traits are present, and Weak Fantasy goes more to the soundtrack department in my books. The same theme with Imaginaerum continues and this is just what you'd expect from the new album. Again something familiar, but the band is being a little shy and holding something back. Jansen has convinced the listener already and you'll get used to her voice latest by this song. You can also hear Mr. Hietala for the first time on this song."
  • Élan
"The first single, and despite it's vastness a very compact song that you can get into quickly. Feels like it takes half the show with it's melodies and beats. Things are clearly under control and small refreshments to the formula do not cause any harm."
  • Yours Is An Empty Hope
"In the beginning there are a few atmospherical Bluing-sounds that you hear in fantasy movies and some other songs of the band. Now we are talking about symphonic metal at it's best. This is what the band represents and you can hear they are in their element. So far the most "high, fast and loud" -track without breaking the atmosphere. The choirs give shivers and they make the listener wait for one more explosion, as there was quite a big one at the beginning. In the middle part the listener is reminded of Dark Chest of Wonders, as there are quite a lot of these explosions and there seems to be no end in sight."
  • Our Decades in the Sun
"It's time to calm down and create a vision of a small karaoke bar. Tuomas' piano gently accompanies Floor's vocals that once again travel to whole new dimensions. Later on Emppu appears from somewhere with his guitar and Floor has to rise her volume level so that even the audience at the back row can hear her. The song changes from the beginning's melancholy to a more happier mood, and that makes it beautiful in it's own way. This song is absolutely for the gentler listeners."
  • My Walden
"The sixth song starts in a weird way. As if a pop singer boy was lost and found himself in the wrong studio. A lot of folkish pop-rock elements can be heard, and while the previous songs resembled the band's older catalog, this sounds more modern. A wide spectrum of elements with up-tempo brings not only heavy pop music to mind, but also Eluveitie's lighter songs. This song offers so much sun and smoothness that it goes to the top of my list at this point. " (Majestico's note - I am starting to question the reporter's taste in music based on these desctiptions...)
  • Endless Forms Most Beautiful
"In a short description this is basic new Nightwish. In a way fills the criteria of a title track, but also a filler track. Not special or especially wonderful, but would be a good choice to the set list of the tour. The ending feels slightly repetitive, but as the song says, simple is beautiful."
  • Edema Ruh
"This is the most youthful song of the album. Symphonic and folk elements turn into rockish metal that for for example Sturm und Drang (a finnish band) could play, if we forget these whistles and pipes. Includes some catchy vocals from Marco and Floor that now work much better with Marco's singing being more present in the background."
  • Alpenglow
"The second filler song. The journey continues steadily and the song goes to the soundtrack department again. Kai probably could have introduced some interesting drumming in here, because at this point you already start waiting for the next two songs and the big finish of the album."
  • Eyes of Sharbat Gula
"A soft intro before the last song. Gentle choir singing, this time apparently from younger generation. Otherwise a fully instrumental song meant to create an atmosphere for the final crusade."
  • The Greatest Show on Earth
"Such a name on the last song of the album creates a lot of expectations. The calm atmosphere continues, but that's how all the greatest shows in the world begin. The song is about 24 minutes long so we are suffering from [something of a combination of happiness and materialism, can not be translated]. After waiting, the starting of the engine creates feelings of relief but the atmosphere is still anticipating. The excitement is being maintained, until more and more begins to happen. The listener is waiting for the vocals and suddenly they already are there in full force and drums have suddenly appeared in the background. Absolutely the most interesting song to listen to, as every time the climax has been reached, things move on right away. Nothing is enough and little and questionable details keep pouring in. Storyteller Richard Dawkins' voice is telling about the beginning of the end, and after that there is a huge explosion. In principle, nothing much has changed from the first song, but now everything is pushed past the limit and there is absolutely no holding back. I have to say I have not heard anything like this before."
  • Conclusion
A lot of stuff as expected. The record gives the listener a feeling that it does not want to stop and that there would have been material for even more. The atmosphere is maintained commendably throughout the album with a wide range of tricks. When Dawkins is still speaking and you can still hear the sound of water, you forget everything you have just heard and become content and full in a good way. I'd say this album is perhaps more simple than usual, but also very versatile. Excluding the two flops the band has succeeded almost perfectly. I would more than gladly buy this and see the band live.

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